What’s Cooking on 02.21.19

Taco Bell Slide through window
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Every week we serve up a generous helping of links to content focused on what’s happening in the giant kitchen we call the Internet. Enjoy!

Visual illusions can trick us into eating healthier.
via Quartz
Costco cheese wedding cake
Costco is selling a $440, 24 pound wedding cake made of cheese.
via Geekologie
Taco Bell Slide through window
Just in time for Spring, Taco Bell builds a slide-through window.
via Strategy
Watch ice cream melt in a macro timelapse video.
via Macro Room
The best cure for a cough is… chocolate.
via Daily Mail, image by Flickr user Syed Shameel
Woman reviews soap brands on Instagram by taste.
via Oddity Central
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I’m “Meat” (Jeremy), Lettuce’s other half. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of cooking. Typical. But I do like eating. I often say I’m on a seafood diet; I see food… I eat it. Get it? Our kids love that joke. I dish on just how delicious that healthy food Lettuce cooks up really is, and also share my thoughts on beer, booze and bbq – the good stuff. Bon apetit!

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