Sustainable Hairdressing

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“Having a haircut is like cleaning the bedroom of your thoughts.”

― Alain Bremond-Torrent, running is flying intermittently

My Challenge

My hair has been unkempt and wild in recent months. I have been in dire need of a haircut but have been shamefully postponing appointments for all sorts of reasons: being busy at work, wanting to spend more time with my family, or worst, rationalizing that my hair doesn’t look that bad.

Hitting the Jackpot

This past Friday, I finally decided to head to Queen’s Shop in Toronto, which I had found on Bunz. This place absolutely KILLS IT – in an awesome, modern sort of way. Every business can take a page from Queen’s playbook. Here are a few reasons why:

  • GreenCircle certified. This means they are use sustainable practices including diverting materials from landfill. All hair is collected and used to clean oil from oceans. Hair dye and foil is also recycled. When I looked into GreenCircle and they are pretty impressive based on the many types of sustainable certifications they provide, and the depth of their practices.
  • Loop drinks served. Food waste is a major problem, so using food that would otherwise be wasted is a game changing idea! Loop creates cold-pressed juices that are made from imperfect produce (aka “ugly” fruits and vegetables). Their website says “we repurpose the outcasts of the food industry by transforming them into awesome drinks. That’s right, our products are more than unique and exquisite blends of truly good stuff: they’re a solution to food waste.” Their Beach Bum juice was made of pineapple and ginger – so refreshing on a warm day! Price is $8 per bottle.
  • Bunz service provider. The infamous trading app that started in Toronto and is now in many more cities. If you know me, then you know I may be the biggest Bunz evangelist out there. I have completed over 150 trades. In the age of sustainability, I love trading items that I no longer need for ones that I actually need. There are TONS of lightly used clothes, makeup, food and household items available for trade. I literally don’t think I will ever brand buy new clothes again. They also have a digital currency called BTZ which you can use at shops like Queen’s Shop (I got $20 off my bill)!
  • Online booking. Who has time or energy to make phone calls anymore? I’m all about convenience, and therefore I pretty much only deal with doctors, dentists, RMTs and other service providers online. Love that Queens does this with a super-easy platform that allows me to book and also reschedule. Yay for saving time!
  • Friendly and unpretentious. Queen’s people are just nice peeps. They offer you drinks when you arrive (choice of free or paid drinks). Thank you to Nicole and Emily for great attitude and customer service. Not to mention, I’m very happy with the quality of my haircut and colour!


Queen’s Shop Fine Hairdressing storefront

Loop juice (beach bum)

loop food juice

To wrap …

Queen’s Shop is such a rare find. I really wish more businesses would operate sustainably and stay focused on excellent customer service. I will definitely be back, and I’ll be holding other service providers to this standard.

If you’re interested in learning more, see link below!

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