Field Trip – Great Food (and Music)!

HotBunzz Trio
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The second annual Arts & Crafts Field Trip Music Festival took place this past weekend, June 7-8, 2014 in Toronto, Canada. Headlining were epic NYC band Interpol along with Broken Social Scene, The Kills, Chvrches and lots of others. We had absolutely gorgeous weather and the event was extremely well-organized. Highlights included: great music, amazing food, Day Camp for kids, Etsy marketplace, watermelon-eating contest, Indie88 Yurt featuring free high-fives, and even a place to get a haircut at Crow’s Nest Barber! My preschooler even got her first nail art done onsite (a pink diamond) by Pinky’s!

Festival food has come a long way baby …

As I perused Food Truck Lane, I reminisced about how food trucks have truly revolutionized these kinds of special events. Gone are the over-priced fries and greasy burgers of yore. We now have tons of gourmet choices including butter chicken buns (at HotBunzz), Kiwi Classic Meat Pies (at Kanga), Vegetarian Chili Nachos (at Portobello Burger), Fish Tacos at Fidel Gastro’s, and so much more. The hungry festival-goer-slash-foodie is certainly not wanting of choice! Sadly, I didn’t get to eat more. But what I did get my hands on was deeelish!

Kudos to Arts & Crafts for a really successful event. I’ll be back next year! Here is a little slideshow from Field Trip 2014.


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