Top 5 “Must-Have” Kitchen Gadgets

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There is nothing more exciting than getting a nifty new kitchen gadget to save time and energy. Here is my carefully compiled list of top five “must-have” gadgets that are sure to make your culinary life that much more enjoyable!

#1 – Mandoline



#2 – Food Scale

Digital Kitchen Food Scale6


#3 – Slow Cooker

  • slow cookerCreate delicious and healthy meals while you are away from the kitchen
  • Top pickHamilton Beach Stove Top Safe Slow Cooker ($66.98)
  • Features: cooking vessel can be used on stovetop to brown meats and veggies, programmable



#4 – Citrus Juicer




#5 – Sous Vide Machine

  • sous videOkay, maybe not a “must-have”, but for serious amateur chefs, cooking in a sous-vide “water oven” produces succulent and perfectly-cooked food
  • Top pickSousVide Supreme Sous Vide Water Oven ($435)
  • Features: precise temperature control, comes with DVD and recipe book




  • Yum

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