Kids Cooking School: Birthday Parties and More

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This past weekend, I took my 4-year old daughter to her first cooking birthday party at the President’s Choice Cooking School at Loblaws. The kids got to make their own mini-pizzas and each decorated 6 cupcakes to take home. She had so much fun – the two hours just flew by. Also the hosts and parents could just relax and mingle while the instructors led the activities and also cleaned up! Kids cooking school rocks!

kid chopper

I also discovered a very cool kid-friendly chopping tool  – pictured poorly on the left, but hopefully you get the idea! The kids could push down on the handle to chop cheese and veggies, all the while feel quite self-sufficient doing so! My online searches for this tool came up empty; however, this got me interested in checking out some other kid knives such as Curious Chef nylon knives. I’m still not 100% sure my 4-year old would be ready for a knife, even if marketed for children; but this chopper at Loblaws seemed pretty safe since they generally had to use both hands on top which lessened the risk of injury.

President’s Choice Cooking School offers birthday parties for different age groups: pizza for the younger kids, and pasta for the older kids. They seem to be quite popular based on the reviews on their website. Having now attended one, I can definitely recommend it as a great birthday party venue. Now my daughter wants to have her 5th birthday party at cooking school! 🙂



Incidentally, PC also offers adult cooking classes at around $25-40 each – very reasonable and low-commitment compared to attending a term at a culinary school like George Brown! I might just check out their “Italian Brunch” or “French Macarons” courses this Spring!


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