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My inaugural post coincides with the infancy of my interest in homebrewing. Foregoing blank page syndrome, I’ll just jump right in and describe how that came about…

The other day I had A New Economy playing in the background on Netflix while I was working. It features several disparate companies united by their common goal of a more cooperative economic future. A hotel, an urban farm, a brew pub and something to do with lasers, among others. Worth a watch, if you’ve already finished Ozark.

Take a look:

Welcome back.

Anyhow, one of the guys from the London Brewing Co-Op was describing how he got started and casually mentioned that he was given a copy of Charlie Papazian’s The Complete Joy of Home Brewing that lead him to quit his job and “relax and have a homebrew”. This is probably not news to anyone else but me, but Papazian is a rockstar in the world of home brewing. He literally wrote the book, and this is it.

So, I went out and bought it, and now I’m like 20 pages into it. Right at the ‘Getting your Homebrewery Together’ part. So the next step I guess is acquiring everything I need to make my first batch of beer.

To be continued…

Complete Joy of Homebrewing

image credit: Quinn Dombrowski


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